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5 Signs Your EyeLash Extensions Need Redoing Unnatural and Uncomfortable

Eyelash extensions are semi-natural eyelashes that apply to your natural eyelashes, creating a more complete dazzle. When they do the job, you will come out of the living room with a new eyelash game, which makes your eyes bigger and brighter. But when you get bad eyelash extension work, you will not like you do not like what you see in the mirror. Not only can bad eyelash extensions may seem terrible, but they can cause other problems. Read below the five most common signs that your eyelashes need to redo!

1. Feel Discomfort When Brushing Your Eyelash Extensions

The brushing of your eyelashes must be easy and painless. However, one of the most common signs of bad eyelash extensions is to feel discomfort when brushing them.

EyeLash Extension

This is because the eyelash technician used too much glue or because your eyelashes are blocked together. Brush them, in these bad conditions that can cause pots or damage caused.

2. They’re Causing Irritation

Your eyelash extensions should feel natural. If your eyelashes twist, turn, curl or fall and pierce around your eye, it’s time to bring them to redo or remove. Your eyes will meet irritated and red, or maybe even itching and no one wants that!

3. Inner Lashes Are Too Long

Your natural eyelashes are not the same size or the same length. For example, your internal eyelashes are shorter than your corner lashes.

Suppose your eyelash technician uses eyelashes of the same length for each area of ​​your eye, including the inner corner of the eyelid. In this case, it will seem false. Keep in mind that all the idea of ​​receiving eyelash extensions is to give you a more complete line of eyelashes while making them appear natural and credible.

4. It Burns Your Eyes Long After the Application Process

Your eyes are not supposed to burn during or after the application. It is normal for your eyes to sprinkle a little during the process. However, a burning sensation is not normal, especially if you feel it long after applying your eyelashes.

5. Application Process Was Short

When applied correctly and with appropriate tracking, eyelash extensions can last three weeks or more. In addition, a good application of eyelashes takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

If your eyelash technician takes only one hour, so do not be surprised if your eyelashes start falling by the end of the week, everything because they did not dedicate the right amount of time to provide a complete and durable effect.

The eyelashes are supposed to be applied carefully on each of your natural eyelashes, which is impossible to do in one hour only.

You might be tempted to advance your eyelashes somewhere cheap and fast. But remember – you pay for what you get.

How to Care for Your Eyelashes

If you have a good set of eyelash extensions, then you will want to make them last as long as possible. For this to happen, you must learn to take care of them the right way.

Keep Your Eyelashes Clean

First and above all, keeping your eyelashes clean is the best way to extend their duration. But do not use any face! You want to buy a design formulated for eyelash extensions.

How do you clean your eyelash extensions? Once you have removed your makeup, apply the eyelash cleaner to a small cleaning brush. Then, use slowly sweeping movements to clean your eyelash line.

Rinse the cleaner well. Once your eyelashes dry, use a lamp baguette to brush them.

Keep Them Dry for the First Day or Two

If you did your eyelashes, try waiting one day or two before wetting. Not only does it mean it means keeping water away from your eyes but avoid wet places such as spas, saunas, etc. This will allow your eyelashes to dry well.

After 24 hours, they should be impermeable. But if you spend a lot of time in the water or the spa, your eyelashes will not last as long as expected.

Brush Them Often

You should always keep your hair rushed and yes, it includes your eyelashes. In order to keep your lashes and fresh eyelashes, you will want to brush them regularly. Do not do it too much, however!

Brush them if necessary, as when you wake up in the morning with messy eyelashes or after taking a shower.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes

It is very easy to say “do not rub your eyes” when everyone automatically does it. It is almost a natural reflex and difficult to notice when it happens. However, if you want your eyelash extensions to be good as new as long as possible, avoid rubbing them!

The friction can drop them before time, receive damage or even break! This will shorten the duration of your eyelashes and you will need to program a new renewal before planned.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

Oil-based products are perfect when it comes to removing eye makeup and people with dry skin. They are also perfect for wiping your succulent eyelash extensions, so be careful! The oil will start degrading the eyelash glue, which is vital to keep your eyelashes in place.

Try using oil-free products, such as micellar water.

Redo Your Bad Eyelash Extensions!

The extensions of bad eyelashes are not fun. But now that you know what to expect and how to take care of them, you can reserve an appointment and prepare your new set of eyelash extensions!

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