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15 boys with long hair that looks fresh and impressive

Hairstyles change the entire individual display in an instant. When it comes to hairstyles for boys with long hair, it’s somewhat considered a unique idea and out-of-the-box.

However, the current long hair among boys is quite popular, and there are many haircuts to keep them in style. Do you have straight hair, wavy, or thick, there are various long hairstyles for boys who fit your personality.

With long hair, you can do more experiments and can have different hairstyles that make you look attractive and stylish. Take Hollywood stars for example. Wait until the end of the article, we have mentioned about 5 men who killed a long hairstyle for boys.boys long hairHowever, let’s delete the basics first,

How to Style Boys Long Hair?

To organize a long hairstyle of a boy, you must have a good hair product at hand to keep the hair stylish for a longer time. Long hairstyle for boys requires volume and flow. We recommend using a mousse, candle, cream styling, or sea salt spray for textured display.

Hair styling does not mean you need to follow inevitable treatments and brush your constant hair. You only need basic hair care to keep your hair healthy and stylish. Quality style products can make you perfect long hair that you always hitch.

Now, without delay, let’s continue with the actual topic!

15 Trendy Boys Long Hair Style

Maybe flood you to choose the right hairstyle with so many choices. So, to get a clear idea about that, we have made a list of the most trendy and smart long hairstyles. Browse this hairstyle that makes you handsome.

1. Ponytail

Ponytail is an easy hair style treatment for boys. Although there are many choices of hairstyles, ponytail horses will always remain the best for boys who want to get a trendy look without spending a lot of time to arrange.

2. Block Cut

Apart from Ponytails, the block-cut hairstyle is popular among boys with long hair because it gives them the opportunity to add more colors to their hair and (maybe) their personalities.

3. Man Bun

A man bread is a modern hairstyle that is considered fashionable. This is the perfect look to carry in office or college. An easy and fashionable way to tie bread is to defend it under the crown and loosen it a little.

4. Braids

Long braids allow you to change your hairstyle according to your mood. You can braid your hair in many styles. For example, you can braid hair with ponytail bread or remain loose.

5. Dreadlocks

It can be accessed by boys with long hair. They are undoubtedly need a lot of effort and preparation for maintenance, but still, they are perfect for boys with tense pieces.

6. Topknot

If your son wants to try something different, let him grow his hair and tie the knot above. FYI: Topknot is almost similar to ponytail.

7. Long Wavy Hair

You can cut wavy boy hair in a different way to make it look style. To make it look smarter and more handsome than before, keep his hairstyle mess with natural waves. This not only makes it look cooler, but more like a star from the film.

8. Long Hair Style for Boys with Bangs

Who says bangs are only for girls? Even boys with long hair can show off this haircut. Bangs frame the face and especially for boys with a round face.

9. Long Curly Hair

If you have long curly hair, just let it flow naturally, like that! Hairstyles are free and most preferably for boys. However, make sure you hold your hair every day.

10. Shoulder Length

If you have shoulder long hair, don’t mess with things style, save it behind the ear. Tada! Are you alright! Shoulder long hair offers enough volume to look classy.

11. Long Curly Hair with a Middle Part

It might be difficult for boys with curly hair to find a perfect hairstyle. So, try this one! Do the middle part and set the remaining hair to flow freely. This hairstyle is easy and fast to do and doesn’t even need to use the use of hair setting products.

12. Highlights

Most boys don’t know how to arrange their hair. With some highlights, it can increase the whole appearance. With dying long keys, they can get an interesting look.

13. Short Bob with Bangs

This hairstyle is suitable for boys. Ask your barber to get your short bob and don’t forget to tell about bangs. As for the length of bangs, keep in the eye. He will look like a fat boy, who came directly from Korean TV shows.

14. Afro

For those who have curved natural hair, Afro is the most suitable hairstyle for them. Afro is a way to show off natural hair. However, it also requires some high-level maintenance.

15. Natural Medium Length Hair

Children with curly or natural wavy hair, this hairstyle is perfect for them. Want to show off your natural medium hair on the best and free interference? Go for this one, because it doesn’t require a lot of styles.

Do you choose the perfect for you? Is it not yet? No problem. Read on! As promised, we have 5 men who come with the best long hairstyles for boys.

How to Cut Your Long Hair at Home?

Layering and blending at the top is needed when you cut long hair boys. You will also need a comb and long scissors. If the side of the boy needs to fade, then invest in hair scissors too. Having the right hair tool can make the process of haircut easy and fast.

When giving a haircut to a boy, you need to use your finger to determine the right length. Then, use a comb for bangs or even to be trimmed. Make sure the hair grows in the same style to give a natural look.

Top 5 Men with Amazing Long Hair

Look at the man who looks sexy with their long hair

1. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has gone through a short and long hairstyle throughout his career. But he is famous for his long shoulder hair. The takeover is perfect for low care hairstyles.

2. Jason Momoa

Everyone in Hollywood was jealous with a messy look of Jason Momoa. The additional recently from blonde adds to the touch of sunbathing to the face.

3. Kit Harrington

Because the contract that prohibits it cut off his hair, Kim Harrington’s shake curls attracted a lot of attention. As a result, the world’s obsession for the key is getting stronger.

4. Orlando Bloom

We must appreciate Orlando Bloom’s long hairstyle in the past. However, when doing the job is great, classy low bread makes it look style.

5. Chris Hemsworth

Long hair Chim Hemsworth is why we all like the style of a long boy. But, he remains simple by just keeping the hair behind the ear.

Want to arrange long hairstyles but your hair doesn’t grow well? Read the briefing on:

How to Grow Healthy Long Hair?

Most boys make long hairstyles look cool and extraordinary. So, if you are willing to grow your hair, then consider these tips:

  • Never warm up the hair
  • Avoid brushing hair for too long
  • Avoid coloring
  • Use shampoo and conditioner 2-3 times a week
  • Never tie the hair too tight

Now, discuss the growth process of good long hair

1. Exercise Regularly

Doing regular exercises will allow oxygen to flow into all body parts, including leather and hair. In addition, exercise encourages the new cell to grow.

2. Maintain a Balanced Diet

An appropriate diet will help your hair grow healthy. The food contains all vitamins that encourage healthy growth. Eat fruits and vegetables such as pineapples, peaches, strawberries, tomatoes and carrots.

3. Proper Sleep

A night of good sleep is necessary to push the hair quickly. When you sleep, your body stimulates traffic to your hair. Therefore, you should have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

4. Shampoo and Condition Your Hair Properly

Avoid washing your hair daily because it makes it dry and leads to hair loss. Instead, a suitable hair conditioner nourishes your hair.

Short hair or long hair: What looks better in boys?

When a boy cuts his hair, it becomes part of his personality and his style. It’s been years, but the battle between long hair and short hair is still ongoing. Hairstyles are a great way to change the whole look.

You should consider while choosing a hairstyle how much time you can give to take care of your hair, and it must be in accordance with your profession.

Short Hair

In many schools and workplaces, boys must keep their hair short. This is the ideal choice for boys who can’t spend a lot of time taking care of them. Let’s look at the pros and cons of short hair.


  1. Easy to care for
  2. Comfortable during the summer
  3. It works perfectly in the business and sports environment.


  1. Short hair dries quickly
  2. You need to often visit hairdressers
  3. Uncomfortable during winter

Long Hair

To carry long hair, self-confidence is the most important thing. Boys with long hair need to spend more time keeping their hair in well-maintained conditions. Here are some pro and long hair cons:


  1. You don’t need to visit hairdressers often
  2. Because long versatile hair, you can change the look in a moment
  3. It can be comfortable during the winter


  1. Need to spend a lot of time taking care of my hair
  2. Need to be combed regularly.

Both hairstyles look perfect in boys depending on their personality. So, to get the best of you, try short and long hairstyles.


This is a long hairstyle for boys with long hair. At the same time, we also cover the advantages and shortcomings of short and long hair. Now, you have in-depth information about everything. So, make a wise choice. Through the days, when ordinary people think that only women can keep the key long. Be a change and give yourself a long hairstyle like Chris Hemsworth (eyes).

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