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VIRGIL ABLOH: Many – including his wife and old partners VIRGIL ABLOH – talk about the inheritance of the final designer and the impact on the next generation of big-fashion mind.



On Monday night, the generation of the fashion industry gathered to celebrate the Fashion Scholarship (FSF) and the latest class of talent that appeared.

Dubbed FSF Live, the event respected class 2022 (FSF), with finalists of the fourth award chairman – Eliezer Eisenman (University of Drexel), Naecia Dixon (Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta), Emily Becker (Iowa State University) and Ifechi Ilozor (Brown University) – Provides a short presentation to the audience, which includes industry executives, editors, journalists, stylists, designers, and alumni programs. The prize finally went to Dixon, a “post-modern” scholar of VIRGIL ABLOH.

The final designer set up the “post-modern” scholarship fund VIRGIL ABLOH two years ago to support and lift black students who want to work in a way. And on Monday, many took the FSF direct stage to pay the final founder-tribute of white-skin and the creative director of Men Louis Vuitton (and members of the FSF council), who died in November, admitted the impact outside the foundation.

Dixon’s presentation was introduced by Emory Tremaine of Denim Tears and Supreme, who talked about how the young designers entered the “hero journey” of his narrative and Abloh often talked about. Dixon then explained how to find Abloh’s work finally formed it as creative. Neiman Marcus Group CEO of Geoffroy van Raemdonck, an FSF Live Honoree, said: “I remember how great I was in front of him and his desire. VIRGIL ABLOH legacy will live forever, and is the privilege of respecting him tonight with many young talents Who is the future of the industry this. “

Brown Girl Hand Founder Hannah Harris, a “post-modern” scholar 2021 VIRGIL ABLOH, told the audience about the excitement around “speech figures” designers came to Atlanta and to meet him for the first time more than zoom, when he went actively for “Defending my idea in front of a room full of industrial colleagues during the Q & A judge in the final competition – he knew very little about me at the time, but still supported my job because he saw something in me. That’s the kind of his people, And he firmly believed to build the next generation talent. “

Harris was there to introduce Shannon Abloh, making his first public comment since her husband died. In his speech, he emphasized how important “post-modern” scholarships VIRGIL ABLOH was to his old partner, how this inspired him and how it fits the greater purpose to build a black creative.

You can read her full remarks below.

“Good evening, everything and passion for the idea to drive hundreds of if not thousands of projects. Every milestone he achieved, a little more meaningful for him than to build a ‘post-modern’ scholarship fund. It brought it so much excitement to work with you All, students ‘post-modern’ are extraordinary. After each session, he feels so it turns out with your ideas and creativity.

One of the things I always admire about VIRGIL ABLOH is his deep affection and attention. He believes that being a leader means serving other people in need. And he felt a tremendous goal in opening the door for others. He will say, ‘This job is not just about opening the door, it’s about laid the foundation to make sure these doors remain permanently open for others to pass.’ When he will say, ‘All I did was for my seventeen-year-old version, “he certainly did not talk about himself. He talked about every young person who had dreamed of being something – an artist, a fashion designer, a The architect or an engineer but feels discouraged because they cannot see themselves represented in this industry.

VIRGIL ABLOH is of course very honored to be the first African American leading European fashion house, but he believes the original job is to use his position to ensure that more black designers, creative and executive can have access to the opportunities he has in the fashion industry. He believed his original work was fighting for others, helping them find opportunities and rooting for their success. He did this every day consistently through his career in a big and small way, in public and personal. Sometimes it’s as simple as giving your personal cellphone number and tell them, ‘If you have questions or need suggestions, I text messages.’ At the other time it was more formal, like when he took advantage of his partnership with Nike to find his first studio which fully consisted of black creative that would lead all his creative projects with Nike.

Finding a ‘post-modern’ scholarship fund representing the main milestone for VIRGIL ABLOH and his work. His dream was to establish an institution that would help make a more equivalent fashion place, more inclusive. That means the world for him to be able to provide scholarships for black students because he strongly believes in the power of education. When he went to the architectural school to study the curriculum designed by one of his heroes, architect VIRGIL ABLOH, it really changed his life, opened his eyes on the type of artist and designer he wanted. And he knows directly how important the mentors are, how important it is to meet the main role model that believes in his promise, encourages him to believe in himself too. The ‘post-modern’ scholarship fund is intended to cover all these ideas and more, and I am very grateful to the scholarship fund mode and to all post-modern students who help VIRGIL ABLOH to achieve his dream. I just don’t have words to describe how much you mean to him.

I am honored that we will continue to move forward in his enthusiasm, building the foundation he wakes up so what he starts can continue for decades to come, and I will always be your partner to ensure his inheritance life through this extraordinary program.

Finally, tonight, I want to congratulate all four finalists on their way, because the sacrifices they make, find time to pour their hearts and intelligence into a complicated and deep case study that is far more than a detailed business plan. They represent the social and environmental concerns of ideology and innovation. “

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