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Ways to redesign your wedding dress

Seasons wedding is very fun! But what is the perfect marriage without the right dress? As a woman that day, next to your happy dream – after that, RTP Slot Gacor you might worry about the best way to adjust your wedding dress for a shining display. For your wedding Lehenga, every detail is important, and if you have your imagination in custom Lehenga, do it!

In this article, we present several easy hackers to change your marriage to the most beautiful clothes that have ever existed.

1. Pick a Unique Design

This is the first step to adjusting your wedding dress into the only clothes. Instead, just choose a simple round neck design, play with the pullover neck area/arm length, you can choose different Lehenga designs, taste them to see which ones are most suitable, and uniquely capture your beauty.

2. Add Personalizations – Such as Your Fairy Tale Story

Now after you settle in Lehenga’s design, you can start personalizing some details. For example, you can engrave your initials or wedding tags in your Lehenga skirt or shirt! Take higher notch creativity by embroidering your wedding date on your dressEven better, combine your fairy tale into your dress, or decorate your clothes with a funny love record that your partner is given to you. Why will the bride like that be the cynosure of all eyes?

3. Incorporate Lovely Latkans

Change your Lehenga in an amazing way, by embroidering the extraordinary and special latrine to the end of the drawstring Lehenga or your pullover tie-up. In this way, your Lehenga can be decorated into multi-folds. There are so many fixed pieces – from metal to latkans with a soft texture; And you can choose whoever you like for your beautiful Lehenga.

4. Uniquely Sewn Pieces, Outlined with Stunning Borders

In addition to choosing the neck area or long arms that are unique to your clothes, consider choosing novel stitches for your Lehenga skirt. Go for Edgings Lehenga edgings, the border, peeling, stacking, or something as beautiful as Lotus petals to create a perfect skirt. Use amazing limits and lace material to decipher your Lehenga, also create a perfectly polished display.

5. Add a Few Unsettles, Feathers, Ruffles, Fringes, Borders, and More

It’s worth mentioning specifically because the creative use of one or more of these can dramatically improve your clothes. Are you a bride full of life and want to be a cynosure of all eyes? Achieve this by combining a mixture of smooth, feathers, and ruffles into your dress. On the other hand, if you want to look classy but simple, add the edge to the end of your dress and still reach a different look.

Another extraordinary idea is decorating the neck area of ​​your clothes with a hide and feathers, or up your Lehenga level with decorations that adorn the shoulders.

How do you make your Lehenga tweak with the decoration or woven that best suits your style? This is very good maybe anything – starting from 3D string work, acrylic laser cut, sequins, for Patti’s work.

6. Accessorize 

Accessories can make or break clothes. So, depending on what ornaments you have chosen to decorate your wedding Lehenga with, carefully choose matching accessories eg. Sequins, shimmery deets, etc. Your goal, while accessing, must be the perfect end result.


We are sure you really want to be a continuous and classy bride; Who all guests can’t stop staring at. With the tips shared above, we are sure that you will be able to adjust your Lehenga to give you a fairy tale wedding dress that you always want!

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